Model 21

Winchester Model 21 Records

I have an extensive collection of factory original Model 21 records including order sheets, repair and upgrade tickets. Many of these records are not available anywhere else.

I am now offering letters on serial no. information.
When purchasing a Model 21 it is important to make sure you have all possible information. Many times records that are available elsewhere do not indicate changes done by the factory at a later date. Therefore the gun you are looking at may appear to have been altered, extra set of bbls. different pad, engraved etc., but may in fact have been sent back to the factory for these changes. The repair and upgrade tickets that I have contain this information.

Cost for a letter on your serial no. if records are available is $100. Payable by Paypal, check or money order only.

I am now also offering the original factory paperwork for Model 21 for purchase. If I have info on your Model 21 serial no. you can have the chance to purchase the original factory paperwork. This may include original manufacturing orders, repair or upgrade tickets, engravers record, customer letters, etc. Contact me for more info.