I am a former Winchester Custom Shop engraver. I apprenticed and later engraved with Nick Kusmit and Joe Crowley. I also received further training from John Kusmit and Jasper Salerno. I was the only female and the last "in house" engraver at Winchester. I am now engraving full time in my own shop. I can engrave your Winchester with factory original patterns suitable for various models. Shown in the Winchester pattern section are a few of the engravings available. All of my engraving is done in the traditional Winchester style of hammer and chisel. Feel free to contact me for prices and any questions.

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Engraving Authentication

Part of the training to become a Winchester factory engraver was to learn the styles of all the engravers that worked at the factory before you. We had to learn this down to the smallest detail as each factory engravers style was slightly different. This learning process was required for two reasons. The first was to be able to properly execute all of the standard factory patterns. The second, to be able to duplicate the style of these earlier engravers. Duplicating their style was important in case an engraved gun came in for restoration and some of the engraving was made faint or lost in the restoration process. We had to be able to faithfully recut the engraving to match the former engravers style.

Because of my training in this area I am now offering engraving authentication of Winchester firearms. I will visually inspect the engraving by either good CLEAR photos, photos must be forwarded  to me,  or by inspecting the actual gun.  This also includes a letter if requested..
Cost for this service is $75.
Does not include return shipping if firearm is sent to me.

Please contact me before shipping gun or sending photos.

Winchester Polishing Dept.
Serial No. Records
I am now offering serial no. record checks directly from the Winchester Polishing Dept. ledgers. These records contain the dates of when the serial no. was applied to a receiver, month, day and year. They are not assembly dates but in most cases the gun was assembled soon after the serial no. was applied. I have records for the models listed below. A "C" next to the model indicates complete records. A "P" next to the model indicates partial records.
The cost is $15. for a number confirmation with date or $25. for information sent on my letterhead. There is no charge if I have no information on your number.
Available models:
1892  P
07  P
1910  C
1911  C
Lee Enfield  C
1917  C
20  C
21  Complete to 32478
24  P
25  P
39  P
40  C
61  C
62  C
63  C
67  P
71  P
74  C
75  C
12  P
42  C
50  C
52  P
56 C
70  P
88  P
94  P
100  P
1200  P
1400  P

Payable by Paypal, check or money order only.

$15. for a number confirmation with date

or $25 for number confirmation with letter sent on my letterhead

Number Confirmation